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Grom, But Not forgotten

It is my honour to post as a guest on the legend that is the Italian Cheese Diaries, this is a little late as I have been struggling to lift my arms after failing to complete a days skiing, but we will get back to that later.

Day 1 – Was this in the Italian Job?

The main reason I have wanted to go Turin is the Italian Job, if images of Michael Cain are not appearing in your mind, then go watch the proper film!

We did managed to find a few locations, my favourite has to be where the gold was unloaded!
After hijacking the security van from the truly hapless Italians it was driven into a little courtyard for the waiting minis this is the view looking inwards, I was stood where the van would have been.

The big church was good too – just hard to get a picture in the rain and with all the tram wires.
This is used twice, once when Beckerman describes the plan on film and once when the three minis criss cross down the steps following a wedding.

After much walking there was a GROM (see below) and a great pizza from a restaurant near another filming location, one of the arcades that was driven through.

Where they unloaded the gold

Where they unloaded the gold

The big church

The big church

Day 2 – Oh there are two Fiat Factories…

There is a wonderful market in Turin, its huge and has many, many wonderful things. There are markets like this all over the world, just seems like England’s are not as good, or as much fun.

After a fun few hours in the market adding to my personal supply of sausages and salami, getting some provisions for a very nice evening meal the mission was the Old Fiat factory – one of the most iconic buildings in Italy, for some people (me included) one of the most iconic buildings in the world!
Funny that it took two attempts to find it, the first attempt saw Amy and I sheltering in at a bus/tram stop in the rain with James trying to figure out where we where and needed to be!

We did finally find the right factory, as my lovely picture shows – also found the building with the funny curved roof – just around the corner, but be aware there are deep puddles near by!

The Old Fiat Factory

The Old Fiat Factory

Genuine Mini and the funny roof they drove up in the film

Genuine Mini and the funny roof they drove up in the film

Day 3 – The record for the quickest fall after getting skis on goes to…
Having got my skis on I fell almost immediately, then couldn’t get up! This may well be a record.

After getting past this little problem I shuffled my way up the carpet lift and somehow managed to get off at the top. My first few runs all ended in a fall, one due to a kamikaze ski baby!

By lunch time I was in a great deal of pain and needed a break and not surprisingly food.
Picabo Street and Franz Klammer went to do some proper skiing while I limped off to the café for lunch and fall in a three foot snow drift on the way.

Lunch was brilliant – a piece of chicken – a proper piece – about the size of a small child with a huge pile of chips and a nice gravy. The hot chocolate was stunning, never had any that good!

I will also mention that the French here are friendly – maybe I’ve been unlucky in the past or more likely my attempts or assaults on the French language are so offensive I deserve a sullen response. Here the people are friendly, are not offended by my French and happy to speak English!

I will be back in Montenegro sorry Montgénvre (I had some pronunciation issues.

After lunch I managed a fall free descent of the baby/learner slope as the second picture shows, such poise and skill, then there is me in the foreground! I was now in a huge amount of pain and decided to give up – as much as I wanted to go on I also wanted to walk (apologies to the proper skiers).

On the floor again

On the floor again

A natural

A natural

The professionals

The professionals

Picabo Street and Franz Klammer went of to practice skiing backwards and catching some air off piste (or something like that) I retired to the tacky souvenir shops of Montgénvre and a bar. I also had a chance to take a few pictures.


One of the great joys of Italy is the food – Pizza was by far my favourite Italian food type (and still is, but closing in rapidly is Ice Cream, more specifically GROM’s offerings. Not even the addition of a weird flavour like liquorish would put me off – I just wouldn’t try it.

The ultimate flavour combination: Pistachio, Creme de Grom and Bacio

The most suicidal flavour combination: Coffee, Double Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

Grom In A Box is an amazing idea – you give them money, or you shiny new Grom Card and select your combination, in return you get a takeaway box they do 500g and 1kg, but the options are endless!

James and Amy (with her two GROMs) Amy with more Grom...

Further Reading/Shameless Plugs

More detailed note will soon be availiable: Hurricane Glass

More pictures will soon be available: Lunar Caustic



  1. You can’t even see the strings on the skiing shot!!!

  2. Adam, falling over as soon as you’ve got your skis on is not a record – I have fallen over many times whilst attempting to put my skis on!

  3. Nice pictures and very comprehensive. You’re certainly showing us both up with our recent dearth of blog posts! xxx

  4. It has just occurred to me that there are far too many photographs of me with whopping ice-creams on this here blog. That’s all I have to say. For now. xxx

    • I can only publish the truth…

    • As Bucks Fizz said ‘My Camera never Lies’!!!!!

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