Posted by: jameshensman | December 25, 2009

Buon Natale

Merry Christmas to all.  Here are some photographs for you to enjoy.

Sci domani, penso io 🙂



  1. “Sci domani, penso io” – I don’t see any skiing penguins… or is my Italian a bit rusty?

  2. Adam you have mixed up the tense – it means ‘he skiing penguins have retired’ Easy mistake to make without the Torino accent – but keep reading the phrase book and rolling your rrrrrs!

    • Woops – ‘the skiing penguins have retired’

  3. Oh boy those roasties look good!!!
    Hope you have a lovely 12 days of Christmas and loved your presents yesterday!
    Loads of love and hugs!!

  4. ha! sorry it’s Sarah not mum. xxx

  5. Just had a minute to catch up on the blog – thank you for all the news and photos. Sarah spent over an hour turning your taste of Turin present for Rosalind and David into a wonderful box of goodies – it looked lovely. Hope you have some wonderful skiing over the holiday – take care. Bad news from Angie – Bramble disappeared when being walked by Graham yesterday – and is still missing – they are all v upset. Massive search to no avail.
    Love Mum xxxx

  6. PS My picture of Amy with triple ice-cream is much better!

  7. What a brilliant time you are both having, I am so jealous!

  8. Come on, come on, more blogs! Some of us have exams and need to live vicariously! xxx

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