Posted by: jameshensman | December 23, 2009

Our traditional Piedmontese meal

Now, a little while ago, we mentioned that we had been invited by James’ boss to the village where he lives for a meal full of traditional Piedmontese food. We were very excited but did not realise how FULL it would actually be.

We were collected from our apartment by one of James’ kind colleagues who had offered us a lift. After meeting up with various other colleagues and forming a convoy (a word the Italians don’t know it would seem…) we set off out of the city. It became apparent that it was a good job that we were offered a lift as we would never have found the restaurant ourselves. We went through tiny deserted villages and then up what appeared to us to be a dirt track… but we were wrong. This was actually a street and after much climbing in the poor little Fiat Panda we were squeezed into we reached the restaurant. The weather was foul (thick mist/rain and cold) and this further added to the feeling of adventure.

We arrived at about twenty to one. We gathered from the Italian conversation in the car that we were actually late… but it didn’t seem to matter. We were ushered upstairs to a private room above the restaurant. There were two tables the length of the room (our party was around 30 people) and the other side was set aside from a typically large Italian family who were hosting a surprise birthday party! It was very exciting, particularly as we were seated in time to see the intended surprisee arrive and joined in with the singing of Happy Birthday for him! Obviously, this was tricky for James and I, not knowing the Italian version, but our hearts were in the right place.

As soon as we were seated, we were given an apperitivo (something strong and pink coloured, like a rose sherry) and some delicious deep-fried tiny balls of herby pizza dough – wonderfully simple and tasty. Then the food did not stop coming… for over FIVE HOURS. We ate for five hours. Never before! Never again! Especially the course which just consisted of deep-fried offal. Ick. Liver, spinal cord, brain, lung,… I won’t go on. In fact, I shouldn’t concentrate on the only course I didn’t like, the rest of the food was amazing and delicious! Below is a note that the waiter provided us with (there was no official menu but after a kind request from one of our fellow diners for details of all the food we had eaten, this was given to us). Also note that there was a second meat course as well, after the deep-fried offal. Guinea foul accompanied by a wild boar stew, together with all the trimmings (vegetables, potatoes). Blimey.



  1. Wot no Grom – not even on the way home!!!

  2. Hurrah new cheese!! I was beginning to think I was becoming lactose intolerant!

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