Posted by: jameshensman | December 13, 2009

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches…

… the answer to that question in relation to the sad little tree found in our wardrobe at the apartment, is, not very. Despite James’ scepticism that the tree could never be beautiful, I knew that all it needed was a little TLC. It took a few hours (all in all)… but look at it now!

It’s beautiful and covered in spicy gingerbread biscuits so smells lovely too.

I am adding a poll to this post for two reasons: 1. I’ve been dying to add a poll on something, but nothing suitable has come up until now; and 2. Whilst James and I discussed the sad state of the original tree discovered in the wardrobe, I suggested that we buy a real one, just a little one. They’re expensive here, just as they are back at home and James said he would rather have twenty ice-creams (from Grom) than use the money to buy a tree. If it were a choice between Christmas tree or no Christmas tree I would much rather have a tree! Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tree, and it’s only acceptable to have them at one time of the year.



  1. And the xfactor winner is…(after 10 min wait) Joe (just in case anyone reading the blog is interested!)

    Not sure your poll will reach 10million votes as apparently the X factor finalists received…but definitely the tree. I’m sure you’ll squeeze the budget somewhere to continue the Grom tasting experience.

    Loving the Gingerbread…I made some yesterday. The men were slightly mishapen and the stars were more blobs than anything else…but so tasty!!!


  2. What is XFactor?

    You posed a tricky question there – I did consider a Christmas bush and some Ice Cream…
    I will soon be posting a little review of the Chocolate Sausage… what an amazing flavour combination!
    You missed the “Great Grom bookmark search” this afternoon – check press for the result…

    • It is very easy to lose three Grom bookmarks – since I returned I have been suffering from GAD – Grom Affected Disorder!!!!!!!! They have been located now – only took four searches.

      The tree looks ok to me – it is the thought that counts at Christmas xxx

  3. Dear Amy

    I will happily treat you to a tree – to leave you both with your icecream money! – please go and buy one and I will sort it with you when we see you. A real Christmas tree is essential for Christmas – NB Clare and Sarah – we do have one at home – its sitting outside the kitchen window keeping cold waiting to be made beautiful when you both come home.
    Love to all

  4. Like the photo frame collage behind the tree – it looks very good. However, it doesn’t stop me admiring the wonderful tree and decorations (remember something that starts with a D – a difficult one though!!!!!!).

  5. I consider myself (obviously) of much higher intelligence than everyone else as I have figured out how to vote more than once… and have therefore voted 3 times for the REAL Christmas tree! Mine is fake but does look lovely 🙂
    … make that 4 😛 xxx

  6. p.s. I’m very glad to see the little heart chain made it over to Italy! 😀
    …5 votes x

  7. I have put in my vote for grom.
    Also two votes for a tree.
    I want my tree(cake) and eat my grom to.

  8. Time for a new post! I am still working on ours. Actually I haven’t even started it yet, but I still intend to. xxxx

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