Posted by: amywyles | December 3, 2009

Impression of Turin II – the lesser known tourist sites

Our second go as guest presenters.

A second attempt to visit the Basilica was successful yesterday – magnificent views over Turin and well worth the visit.

Yesterday also saw a visit to Turin Cathedral, home of the Shroud of Turin – alas it is not on show until next year.

The photographs below are the non-obvious things to see in Turin.

We have really enjoyed our few days here – obviously seeing Amy and James was important, but the tours around the city were superb, finishing today with a visit to Porta Palazzo market.  It is superb – the variety of food and fish is incredible.

Goodbye and thanks for putting up with our two contributions – we are heading off to the station now to journey to Bergamo ready for our flight early tomorrow morning.

Bye, and if you are visiting Amy, James & Turin in the next few weeks I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

John and Elizabeth

The metal Bull in the floor in San Carlos Square – standing on it brings luck.

For Adam – the Golden Donkey bookshop!!

Wonderful toilet and bidet – the sort everyone should have. If you find this you WILL appreciate the search as there is a Grom next door.

Classic Italian parking – not the worst, but still worthy of an entry.

Fantastic chocolate cabbage and pumpkin.

Fantastic Panettone and Pandoro in a shop somewhere in Turin city centre.

The thinnest building in the world, known as 'A Slice of Polenta',close to the biggest square in the world, eh Europe, eh Italy, well in Turin then!!



  1. Sadly that parking is reminiscent of my own attempt outside the hospital just yesterday (and it was my third try too).

    • Don’t worry – we had pointed out that, as examples of Italian parking go, that one actually wasn’t so bad! My Dad was particularly fond of the parking in the middle of the road, but we couldn’t find a photo of that! xxx

      • Amy – I do have a copy of mid-road parking taken on the way home from the market on the last day. Will send it as an attachment. xxx

  2. It all looks wonderful – can’t wait to see it for ourselves. Bit daunted by the quality of the guest blogs tho’ – is it compulsory?
    Love M

    • Wonderful it is! Yep, guest blogging is compulsory! Really looking forward to seeing you.

      James and Amy. xxx

  3. Hey, looks like a good time was had.

    Not entirely convinced by the Chocolate cabbage. But have opened a present from Anna’s mum for Advent…Cadbury’s Roses. A whole TIN of them!

    Mmmm, must restrain until well, now!


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