Posted by: jameshensman | December 1, 2009

Impressions of Turin

The Cheese diaries return with a guest presenter.

After three days in Turin I feel I have gained a reasonable impression of the city.  After arriving via Bergamo on Sunday we have walked about 20 miles around Turin.  The area around Bergamo was lovely, but this was tempered by Milan in the rain – if you arrive at the station don’t hang around downstairs as the scammers will be around.

So what are my thoughts about Turin – generally I think it is a lovely city with many old fashioned features.  The things that stand out :

– the large number of people selling umbrellars when it rains

– the fantastic ice-cream at Grom

– the large number of book shops (shame they are mostly Italian books)

– the superb cafes with incredible pastries

– the efficient transport system

– the incredible fruit and veg (and most other things) market

– the English pub selling Tetleys that looks nothing like any of the 3000 pubs I’ve been in the UK

We have tried to speak some Italian, but then they ask you questions in Italian and this makes you feel stupid.

Today we went to see the Basilica, which overlooks Turin giving a fantastic vista of the surrounding area – please if you are visiting DON’T go on a Tuesday.  It’s literature proudly announces that it started operation on 26th April 1884 and operates every day – every day except Tuesday!!!  After a four mile walk that was a shame!  Two trips to Grom (the Ice cream shop) has improved things – you won’t like it Adam, don’t even bother.

John and Elizabeth



  1. Has Amy bought an umbrella – is she using it.. or just keeping it dry?

    Books – The Luxemburg International Bookshop on Via Cesare Battisti, 7, is right in the center, not far from Piazza San Carlo (

    If you get lost “Potete prego diretto me ad una libreria che inglese il mio cavallo ha fame”…

    Why are you walking if the there is a transport system?

    What no Irish Pub?

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